2018 Dancing with the Shelby County Stars2018 MHC Boys Tennis Tournament2018-9-18 Shelbyville Soccer vs Herron2018-9-27 Boys Sectional Tennis Semifinals2018-10-1 Shelbyville Boys Soccer vs Greenfield2018-10-3 Morristown Soccer vs Southwestern2018-10-4 Shelbyville Girls Soccer vs Rushville2018-10-6 Southwestern Soccer vs Greenwood Christian2018-10-6 Southwestern VB vs Morristown2018-10-6 Triton Central VB vs Southwestern2018-10-13 Shelbyville Cross Country Regional2018-10-13 Southwestern VB vs Hauser2018-10-20 Shelbyville Cross Country Semi-State2018-11-3 Triton Central GBB vs North Decatur2018-11-4 Waldron Youth Football Red Zone Games2018-11-9 Waldron GBB vs Southwestern2018-11-10 NCAA Div. III Great Lakes CC Meet - Awards Ceremony2018-11-10 NCAA Div. III Great Lakes CC Meet - Men's Race2018-11-10 NCAA Div. III Great Lakes CC Meet - Women's Race2018-11-13 Waldron 5th & 6th GBB vs Southwestern2018-11-24 Brandon Knight - IU Football2018-11-24 Morristown VBB vs Northeastern2018-11-26 Waldron 6th GBB vs Shelbyville2018-11-29 Triton Central Wrestling vs Rushville2018-11-30 Waldron GBB vs Triton Central2018-11-30 Waldron VBB vs Triton Central2018-12-7 Waldron GBB vs Morristown2018-12-7 Waldron VBB vs Morristown2018-12-8 TC Archery Winter Classic2018-12-13 Waldron GBB vs North Decatur2018-12-15 Waldron VBB vs Southwestern2018-12-18 Waldron GBB vs Shelbyville2018-12-28 Indy Home School JV vs TindleyHurst Family PhotosJennifer Swift Family PhotosParmer Family PhotosVan Gorden Family Photos